Rajah Ayurvedic Hospital


Herbal Garden

Our Hospitals has plantation area where Ayurvedic Herbs are grown in a natural way. Apart from this we maintain herbal gardens in our 3 centers. Some of the plants you can see are listed below

Adalodakam (Adhatoda vasica)

It is a herb about 1-2 meter height growing throughout India. The name of this plant was derived from Malayalam . The leaves of this plant was not eaten by goats as it is bitter (Hence the name ആട് Adu (Goat) - തൊടാ Thoda (not touch). The leaf of this plant contains a volatile oil called vassessine which helps to soothe productive cough and also used in different types of bleeding disorders. Medical preparation: Vasarishtam, chyavanaprasam

Aryaveppu (Azadirachta indica)

Medium sized three which grows up to 12 meter height. Leaf and bark of the tree contains an alkaloid called margosin, it is a well known blood purifier and it is one of the best medicines used in various types of skin diseases. The decoction made from bark and leaf of the tree is used to clean ulcers and skin diseases,

In 1995, the European Patent Office (EPO) granted a patent on an anti-fungal product, derived from neem, to the US Department of Agriculture and multinational W. R. Grace and Company. The Indian government challenged the patent when it was granted, claiming that the process for which the patent had been granted had actually been in use in India for over 2,000 years. In 2000, the EPO ruled in India's favor but the US multinational mounted an appeal claiming that prior art about the product had never been published in a scientific journal. On 8 March 2005, that appeal was lost and the EPO revoked the Neem patent rights keeping the tree free of these patent restrictions. Medical preparation: Nimbaid kashayam, Nimbarajanyadi choornam

Ungu (Pongamia glabra)

Medium sized tree which grows up to 18 meter height with numerous branches and sub branches. It is used in different types of ulcers and skin disorders.

The seed oil has been found to be useful in diesel generators and, along with Jatropha, it is being explored in hundreds of projects throughout India and the third world as feedstock for biodiesel Medical preparation: Varanadi Kashayam

Orila (Desmodium gangeticum)

It is a herb which usually grows in kerala, Assam and Bengal .It is well known for its cardio protective action. The decoction made from its root is useful in various heart diseases and also helps to strengthen the cardiac muscle. Medical preparation: Dasamoolam kashayam

Kacholam (Kaempferia galanga)

It is a perennial shrub which grows throughout kerala. The useful part of the plant is rhizome which contains alkaloid, starch and oil. It helps to improve the lung capacity. It is helpful in various disorders of nose and mouth. Medical preparation: Kachooradi choornam

Kanikkonna (Cassia fistula)

It is a deciduous tree which grows up to height of 15 meter. Its root and bark contains a volatile oil and 12-14 % tannin, it purifies blood and also helpful in various skin disorders

It is the national tree of Thailand, and its flower is Thailand's national flower. It is also the state flower of Kerala and of immense importance amongst Malayali population. Medical preparation: Aragwadarishtam

Karinkurinji (Strobilanthes heynianus)

It is a herb which grows up to height of 1-2 meters. Its leaf contains potassium, root contains leupiol .It helps to alleviate various vata disorders.

The Nilgiri Hills, which literally means the blue mountains, got their name from the purplish blue flowers of Neelakurinji that blossoms gregariously only once in 12 years. The Paliyan tribal people apparently used it to calculate their age. Medical preparation: Sahacharadi Kashayam

Kasthurimanjal (Curcuma aromatica)

It is a shrub which grows up to 60-120 cm.Its useful part is rhizome which contains volatile oil and a coloring agent called curcumin.

It is a blood purifier, useful to improve skin complexion. Also useful in various types of skin pigmentation

It is believed to play a role in preventing and curing cancer in Chinese medicine. In an effort to remove cell accumulations such as tumors, Curcuma aromatica is often used. Medical preparation: Kasturimanjal Choornam

Kurunthotti (Sida retusa)

It is a shrub which grows up to 30 cm-1.5 meter, it contain an alkaloid called ephidrin.It also contain steroids, phytosterol,.It is a herb which has got anti vata property. It helps for the nourishment of different dhatus of body, cure various rheumatic disorders.

2nd half of 20th century the bark fibre was tried for rope manufacture, but it did not succeed. Medical preparation: Balasahacharadi Kashayam, Balathailam.

Changalam paranda (Vitis quadrangularis)

Known as Devil's back bone. It is a climber which contains calcium oxalate, carotene, ascorbic acid, and pectin

The siddha medicine mentions it as a tonic and analgesic, and prescribes its use to help heal broken bones, thus its name asthisamharaka (that which prevents the destruction of bones). Medical preparation:Vyoshadi Kashayam

Chandanam (Santalum album)

It is a small sized tree which grows up to a height of 10 meter, it helps to purify the blood gives cooling effect to the body, good for urinary disorders.

The Indian government has banned the export of the species to reduce the threat by over-harvesting. In the southern Indian state of Karnataka, all trees of greater than a specified girth are the property of the state. Cutting of trees, even on private property, is regulated by the Forest Department. Medical preparation: Cheriyachandanadi Tailam

Chittaratha (Alpinia galanga)

Shrub growing up to a height of 1.5 meter .It contains Campheride ,Galangin,Alpinin and the rhizome contains a volatile oil .It improves digestion and appetite ,one of the best medicines used in joint disorders, good for cough, cold & asthma. Medical preparation: Rasnadi Kashayam

Koduveli (Plumbago rosea)

Herb which grows upto a height of 1 ½ - 2 meter. It is one of the best medicines for digestive disorders in Ayurveda. Its root contain plumbagin .It improves metabolism also used in hemorrhoid, skin disorders.

Plumbago can cause Abortion in pregnant women. Medical preparation: Chiruvilwadi kashayam

Tumba (Leucas aspera)

Shrub growing up to a height of 30- 60 cm. Got antimicrobial property, helps to relieve fever.

Tulasi (Ocimum sanctum)

Shrub which grows up to 1 mtr. Leaf and flowers are the useful part.
Antidot for various poisonous bites.Good for intestinal worms.
Reduces fever ,heart diseases,cough & asthma.

Tulsi or tulasi is a sacred plant for Hindus. Water mixed with tulsi petals is given to the dying to raise their departing souls to heaven. Tulsi, which is Sanskrit for "the incomparable one", is worshipped throughout India, most often regarded as a consort of Krishna in the form of Lakshmi.

Medical preparation: Vilwadi gulika

Neelamari (Indigofera tinctoria)

Herb which has got branches and subbranches and grows up to a height of 1 ½ mtr. It contain about 50% indigotin.

The plant was one of the original sources of indigo dye. Medical preparation: Neelibringadi Velichenna

Nelli (Emblica officinalis)

Medium sized tree which grows throughout India .Its fruit contains vitamin C ,B complex ,Calcium. Fruit, root and bark are the useful parts.

It is good for improving the immunity power & memory.It is useful against hyperacidity, fever, improves eye sight & digestion.

Popularly used in inks, shampoos and hair oils, the high tannin content of Indian gooseberry fruit serves as a mordant for fixing dyes in fabrics. Amla shampoos and hair oil are traditionally believed to nourish the hair and scalp and prevent premature grey hair. Medical preparation: Chyavanprasam

Patiri (Stereospermum suaveolens)

It is a tree which grows up to a height of 24 mtr. root, flower & bark are the useful parts.

Flower contains albumin , sugar & fat,.It helps to reduce oedema ,streghthen the nerves

The ashes of this plant are used in the preparation of alkaline water and caustic paste. Medical preparation: Dasamoolarishtam

Palakappayyani (Oroxylum indicum)

Medium sized tree which grows upto a height of 15 mtr. Its bark and root contain crystalline substance called Oroxylum.

Cures diarrhoea and also has healing action in ulcers, good for muscular joint disorder. Medical preparation: Narayana Thailam

Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri)

It is a shrub & the whole part of the plant is useful. Useful for improving memory power, intelligence, stimulates nerves. Medical preparation: Brahmigritham

Mukkutti (Biophytum sensitivum)

Shrub which grows up to 10-25 cm .Whole plant is useful.Anti dysenteric Cures ulcers and cough.

Vettilakodi (Piper betle)

  • Climber
  • Leaf contains oil which is volatile in nature, alkaloid called aracene ,cardinin,phosphorous, calcium and potassium. Useful part- leaf ,root
  • Antimicrobial in nature , increases salivation
Medicine Preparation: Thambula rasayanam

Karingali (Acacia catechu)

  • Medium size tree
  • Bark contains catechin, tannic acid.
  • Useful part- bark ,flower
  • Useful in skin disorders by its blood purifying action, used to cure tooth disorders as it strengthens the teeth, used to cure diabetes.
Medicinal preparation: Khadirarishtam , Khadiradi gulika.

Kudampuli (Garcinia cambogia)

  • Medium sized evergreen tree which grows upto a height of 10 mtr.
  • Fruit contains tartaric acid , citric acid,phosphoric acid, Useful part: - bark , fruit
  • Useful to improve digestion , to cure gas troubles
Medicinal Preparation: Vyoshadi vatakam

Nanthiyarvattom (Ervatamia coronaria)

  • Shrub with numerous branches.
  • Flower contains chemical like Kaempferol, Olivacin , Coronaridine. Useful parts – root, flower, fruit
  • Used in eye disorders, skin disorders

Panikkoorka (Coleus aromaticus)

  • Shrub which grows up to a height of 30-90 cm
    Leaf Contains:- Carvacrol, Oleanolic acd, pamolic acid
    Useful Part:- Whole Plant
  • Leaf juice is good for cough & cold in children improves digestion.

Moovila (Pseudarthria viscida)

  • Shrub which grow upto 50 cm
    Useful part – root ,whole plant
  • Useful in cough, asthma, cardiac disorder & joint disorders.
Medical preparation: Dasamoolarishtam

Rakthachandanam (Pterocarpus santalinus)

  • Small sized tree which grows upto a height of 8 mtr.
    Parts Used – bark
  • Bark contains santalin ,pterocarpin ,Oleanolic acid
  • Used to cure ulcers , fever ,headache and help to improve skin complexion
  • Useful part is Heart wood
Medicinal Preparation: Rakthachandana Choornam

Thippali (Piper longum)

  • Creeper
  • Useful part – seed , root
  • Contains – piperin, pipyatlin
    Useful to improve digestion,cough, fever, diarrhea, got anti microbial action
Medical preparation: Vyoshadi Vatakam

Satavari (Asparagus racemosus)

  • Climber
  • Rhizome contains an alkaloid called asparagin also contains protein , fat, carbohydrage , Vitamin B1, B2, & Vitamin C
    Useful part- Rhizome , leaf
  • It gives cooling effect to the body increases breast milk.
  • Medicinal Preparation: Shatavari gulam

Sankupushpam (Clitoria terneata)

  • Creeper
  • Useful part – root, flower, whole plant
  • Improves memory power, intelligence, root of the plant is antipoisonous, used to cure mental disorders.

Neermarutu (Terminalia arjuna)

  • Tree grows up to 20 mtr. Height
  • Useful part :- bark
    Bark contains Calcium carbonate & magnesium
  • It strengthens the cardiac muscles.
Medical preparation: Parthadi Choornam