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Rajah Group

Rajah Group was established by A. Abdul Kader Sahib in the year 1935. He started a business venture in Sri Lanka. later it shifted its operations to India. The group is employing about 35,000 people directly & indirectly in India. Its products are in good demand in the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. The group has received best taxpayer awards in the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

The group diversified into the businesses like Timber, Terracotta tiles, Ayurveda, Automobiles, Tea, Salt etc..The group also has a software development business and caters to the requirements of various clients in Middle East and in India. Rajah School, a CBSE school associated with the group offers quality education to more than 1400 students. Besides these the group also manufactures Kajah Tea, Kajah Iodized Salt and Bright Wash Dish wash powder.

The Automobile business of the group manufactured the first MPV of the country. KMPL, the automobile wing manufactured Go-karts for fantasy parks and Go-karting arenas. KMPL has just begun marketing a 3-wheel load carrier.

Rajah Ayurveda is one of the ventures of Rajah Group. The primary objective of Rajah Ayurveda is to derive all good aspects from old tradition and to build a healthy society than to be merely a treatment centre.

The knowledge of Ayurveda is relevant only when applied to day to day life and when incorporated in life style. More over ailments can be treated effectively only if the genuine principles of ayurveda are properly implemented.

Keeping up with this aim Rajah Ayurveda was established in 1996 by Rajah Group to propagate the natural healing science of life to the common people all over the world. Since then Rajah Ayurveda offers a systematic traditional approach with special emphasis to Kerala special treatment modalities.

The mission was further strengthened by the followers of the Rajah Group. Various institutions are established in this field by Rajah Group keeping the above goal in mind. Now there are three centers under Rajah Ayurveda in different locations – Rajah Healthy Acres, Rajah Island and Rajah Beach.

Meanwhile a medicine manufacturing unit was set up at Rajah Healthy Acres by Rajah Group who teamed traditional knowledge with technology and put forward a humble step to the field of medicine manufacturing.

Later to cater the ever widening markets, the firm was converted in to a G.M.P. certified Medicine factory and modern plant was commissioned to provide consistent quality of medicines at affordable prices.