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Baby moon is a period of time that parents spend bonding with a recently-born baby. More recently the term has come to be used to describe a vacation taken by a couple that is expecting a baby in order to allow the couple to enjoy a final trip together before the many sleepless nights that usually accompany a newborn baby.

Ayurveda, like in all aspects of life, has a great role to play in helping the mother-to-be, both mentally and physically, during the course of pregnancy and towards a smooth delivery. Ayurveda also has advice for the father-to-be in preparing him towards a healthy mind and body, to support and assist his partner in the process of child bearing. Ayurveda is also involved in the post-natal period in the care of the mother and child.


Rajah Ayurveda offers the expectant mother a series of Ayurvedic treatments in the form of massages, Yoga, meditation and professional advice. The expectant father also gets Ayruvedic rejuvenation treatments, Yoga and so on.

Rajah Ayurveda offers Babymoon in the form of packages to the expecting couple. The packages would consist of programs designed by the Doctors after consultation, as per the individual's constitution.

During the period of pregnancy, the mother-to-be needs great care and attention emotionally. The doctors and staff at Rajah Ayurveda are lead by these guidelines and great stress is laid on the love and friendliness the guests receive at the centers.

Our Babymoon packages takes advantage of today's better understanding of the physio-pathological processes and the advancement of allied sciences.

Generally, the Babymoon packages we offer, involve the following treatments.


Package duration : 2 Weeks
  • Treatments which include uzhichil, sirodhara, thalapothichil, face pack, face massage, medicines for better digestion and medicine to prevent uneasiness and breathlessness as directed by the physician
  • Yoga
  • Reiki and meditation
  • Well balanced diet
  • Advices on do’s and don’ts during pregnancy
  • Advices on methods to improve psychological and emotional aspects of pregnant woman
  • Advices on daily routine
  • Adopting the beneficial concepts of “soothikagar” or the special house for the pregnant lady
  • Simple tips about baby care
  • Baby massage training
  • Relaxation massages like oil massages, head massages, face massage, foot massage etc. for males.
  • Rejuvenation treatments and medications for male


Package duration : 2 Weeks
  • Uzhichil - Uzhichil - a gentle oil massage followed by a warm bath in a medicated decoctions helps to pacify the vata and ceases the muscular and nervous weakness common after child birth. It improves blood circulation and provides relaxation.
  • Podikizhi - to relieve the strain in the muscles and joints and to improve blood circulation thereby reduces the water retention
  • Navarakizhi - Relaxing and soothing for the muscles and nerves. Improves the skin tone and softness also.
  • Lepanam - To relieve water retention especially over the feet/for low back pain common after child birth.
  • Face massage and Face Pack - Special rejuvenate for the face skin.
  • Head massage and Thalapothichil - Relaxing and cooling to the head, relieves hair loss due to hormonal changes which is common after child birth.
  • Footmassage - Both relaxing and easing the aches over the feet. It reduces water retention by improving the blood circulation and gives good sleep


"Prasoothi thanthra" or obstetric and gynecology, is one of the main branches of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda advises on nutrition ("Ahara"), life style ("vihara") and the thought processes ("vichara") of a mother-to-be. The nutrition, lifestyle and thoughts directly affect the development of the fetus. Ayurveda also specifies the medications to be followed during the time of pregnancy.

Charaka Samhitha States that if a pregnant woman is taken care of as advised, she will give birth to a child who will be free from diseases, physically strong, radiant and well nourished.

Ayurveda considers the fetus as a seed and the mother as the soil for it to grow. So special attention is to be paid to the nutrition and protection of the woman to keep her rich and clean.

The pregnant woman is compared with a vessel filled with oil right up to the brim. So the physician takes great care in each step not to spill the oil from the vessel up till the child birth.


The general rule is to take greater care during the first 3 months of pregnancy and after the completion of the seventh month. The best time to go for Babymoon before child birth will be from fourth to sixth month. This is a period by which the difficulties of morning sickness will be gone.

Ayurveda has many recommendations to be done during this period of the pregnancy. In this period it is advised to start regular oil massages with suitable medicated sesame oils. This will prevent the tell- tale muscle cramps, water retention on the extremities and varicose veins on the lower limbs.


"Ashtanga hridaya", the authoritative Ayurvedic text prescribes various "lepanas" (herbal packs) and "udwarthanas" (powder massages) using different herbal mixtures and oils to prevent the formation of stretch marks on the breasts and abdomen during pregnancy.

Baths with medicated decoctions can also be utilized to minimize the "vata" imbalance which is common during pregnancy period.

Consuming the monthly medicated milk can be continued as per the advice of an Ayurvedic expert for the proper development of the fetus.

At this time the expecting mother has to use more of milk and ghee along with the food or as a medicine. Along with these an Ayurvedic expert can give many advices to follow during the delivery and child care to go through it in a normal and natural way. Apart from care for expecting mother the expecting father also will be provided with relaxation and rejuvenation treatments.

Rajah Ayurveda wishes the expectant couple the very best in this important phase of their life. May God grant you a healthy and good child who will make your life pleasant and beautiful. Please do contact us for any further information or clarifications