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About Us

Rajah Ayurveda

Rajah Ayurveda comes under Rajah Group of Companies . The major activities of Rajah Ayurveda include running 3 internationally acclaimed Ayurvedic centers in Kerala, Ayurvedic Pharmaceutics, Herbal Cosmetics, Herbal Plantations, Publication, R&D, Training programs etc.

Our centers are

  • RAJAH HEALTHY ACRES: This Green Leaf certified hospital is situated at Koottanad in Palakkad District. where we have facility to treat most of the ailments. Along with these we are doing rejuvenation (revival of body and mind) and relaxation treatments for healthy people.

    The hospital campus is about 200 acres with different kinds of trees and plantations. Bamboo hut with open bathroom ,thatched huts ,traditional Kerala Nalukettu etc. are some of the accommodations. There is a restaurant which serves food for inmates according to the prescription of the doctors .There is a GMP certified medicine manufacturing unit and a vast herbal garden with more than 300 varieties of medicinal plants. The other facilities include walking path , yoga centre, indoor games ,small gym, naturopathy/hydrotherapy , milk bath , steam bath ,mud bath etc.

  • RAJAH ISLAND: This Green leaf certified hospital is situated at Chettuva back waters near Guruvayur. Here we have facility to give treatments for specific illness as well as rejuvenation. A 20 acres island in the Chettuva back waters is transformed into a complete Ayurvedic centre. Eco friendly and luxurious cottages and rooms are available for accommodation .The special attraction is the Kashmiri house boat built with scented Devadar wood. Apart from the full fledged Ayurvedic unit, the centre has a small gym, walking path, children's play area, swimming pool, steam bath etc.

  • RAJAH BEACH : Rajah Beach is the third centre of Rajah Ayurveda situated in Akalad, Thrissur Dt. It is Kerala's First and India's third NABH accredited Ayurvedic Hospital. It is located in a one kilometer long virgin beach surrounded by coconut trees and casuarinas. This centre too offers you all the treatments of Rajah Ayurvedic Hospitals.

    These three centers are situated in picturesque locations, these places have serene atmosphere blended with state –of–the-art facilities. Utmost care is taken not to deviate from the traditional system of ayurvedic treatments.

Some unique points

  • We developed one awareness CD on Ayurveda with the help of which we conduct awareness sessions for the patients after admissions
  • As a part of going green & conserving energy we maintain Windmills, Solar panels, EMV (Electric Motor Vehicle), Bio gas plants, Earthworm compost plants, Rain water harvesting ponds etc.
  • We cherish the ideal of ensuring the best traditional treatment methods of Ayurveda without any compromise, at the same time arranging a calm & quite atmosphere and friendly staff

Common activities and facilities provided in all the three centers

  • Ayurvedic cooking demonstrations – to give patients a better idea about the types of Indian cooking & healthy food.
  • Talks on ayurveda – talks on ayurvedic way of life, food, basic principles of ayurveda etc. to enlighten the patient.
  • Half day trip – Trips to Guruvayoor temple, Elephants Park at Guruvayoor, Rajah Island / Rajah Beach / Rajah Healthy Acres etc. are arranged once in a while.
  • Internet Facilities- Access to internet available in the reception or WIFI is available in most of the areas.
  • Payment – payments can be done by credit cards (Visa, American Express, and master card), foreign or Indian currency or traveler's cheque.
  • Transportation Facility – Arranged pickups, drop backs and sightseeing on prior request.
  • Library- Books available (Fiction, Indian classics, reference books & periodicals).
  • Recreation facility – Indoor recreation facilities (Home gym, pool board, caroms, chess & games).