Rajah Ayurvedic Hospital



The research wing of Rajah Ayurveda which is operational since - 2002 search for knowledge, systematically with an open mind by establishing novel facts and solving new or existing issues. It is based on the primary purpose of discovering, interpreting and developing Ayurvedic methods and systems for the advancement of mankind.

We conduct researches with the aim of studying diseases closely and their Ayurvedic prevention and cure. Focusing on iterative feedback loops between the basic and clinical research domains to accelerate translation from the bedside to the bench and back again

Training programs

Rajah Ayurveda conduct various training programmes
It includes:
  • Training on basics of Ayurveda- With the prime intention of making the trainee aware about basic principle of, Ayurveda including identification of various herbs, explanations on panchakarma , home remedies etc. The course duration is 1 month and conduct during the months of April, May, June and July.
  • Job oriented training - The aim of the course is to help to acquire knowledge, skills and competencies by teaching vocational skills and knowledge that is related to Ayurvedic system of medicine. The syllabus and curriculum of the course were prepared according to the state syllabus and curriculum and totally 6 subjects were covered including medicine production, treatments and pharmacy training. We are conducting 3 and 6 months courses
  • In coherence with the recommendations from Ayush department under Quality Council of India, we conduct awareness programs without any course fee for all the inpatients of 3 of our Ayurvedic Hospitals coming under Rajah Ayurveda