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Rajah Healthy Acres

Where nature gives you a healing hand

Rajah Healthy Acres is situated in a small village with a pristine atmosphere. It has an area of two hundred acres with thick vegetation containing numerous flora and fauna with huge density of medicinal and other specially grown plants.

Rajah Healthy Acres has outpatient and inpatient facilities. In the OP division, patients can get consultation with our physicians and can undergo treatments. The inpatient division provides different facilities for patients who need to stay for treatments.


To stay in Rajah healthy Acres, you can choose from single rooms to private villas- Thushara, Asoka, Thulasi, Bhoorjapathram etc. Most of them have their own treatment rooms attached. Rajah Healthy Acres has a bed strength of sixty four.

The medical team consists of ten physicians and sixty therapists. Rajah Healthy Acres has beautiful walking paths. In these magnificent settings with woods as the backdrop, you can come across medicinal plants, peacocks, cranes, sparrows and many other small tropical animals. The top of the hill offers a panoramic view.

Medicine manufacturing unit

Rajah Healthy Acres has a full fledged GMP certified medicine manufacturing unit. More than 300 ayurvedic medicines that include combinations from traditional texts are prepared here. Our R&D Division has developed more than twenty five patented prescription products and other preparations like cosmetic creams and herbal shampoos. Most of the medicines are of herbal origin. Some contain animal products and minerals as well. We have a fully equipped laboratory for quality control of the finished products.

These products are sold through a network of outlets in India and abroad.

Plantation and herbal garden

Rajah Healthy Acres has a large plantation where ayurvedic herbs and plants are grown in a natural way. Apart from the medicinal plants, you can see the traditional Kerala vegetation – coconut trees, areca palms, mango trees, jack fruit trees and banana plants.

Certificates & Accreditations

The centre is classified as GREEN LEAF by the Govt. of Kerala Which is awarded to top quality ayurvedic centres.


  • Traditional Ayurvedic Treatments - OP & IP
  • Panchakarma Therapy
  • Daily consultation with Doctors
  • Ayurvedic training programmes and awareness classes
  • Daily yoga classes
  • Acupuncture & Acupressure
  • In-house dietary services as advised by Doctors
  • Milk bath


Facilities you can utilize in Rajah Healthy Acres
  • Long walking track through the plantation for a relaxed and healthy walking.
  • Home Gym & Indoor gaming facilities for patients (exercises will be selected by the doctors depending on their health condition.
  • Cultural programmes including Kathakali, South Indian Classical Dance, Music or Martial Arts will be arranged once in a while.
Ashoka bed room
Bamboo Hut exterior
Boorjapathram Exterior
Boorjapthram Bedroom
Hut Exterior
Neem Cottage Exterior
Thulasi AC Down Stairs Bedroom
Thulasi Cottages Front View
Thulasi Upstair Bed Room


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Koottanad - 679 536, Palakkad Dist, Kerala State
Telephone : 0091 466 237 1741 / 742 / 743
Fax : 0091 466 237 1744
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