Rajah Ayurvedic Hospital


Environment + yoga very conclusive for my mind.Everyone very caring,supportive & compassionate staff. Ng Meng Tian - Malaysia
Very good + excellent Mohammed Ismail - Malaysia
Excellent .All your staff very caring & loving. Mohammed shajahan - Malaysia
Very good services , excellent treatments and everyone has been helpful and friendly! I was pleasantly surprised you have yoga twice a day, that's very good. Thank you for a very nice stay, I will recommend this place! Mrs. Kristina Reunanen - Sweden
Very good , very friendly ,polite ,attentive staff including competent , dedicated doctors & treatment staff. Mrs. Linde spilutini
very helpful, thanks to everybody , especially to the therapists , very competent doctors. Excellent Food. Martin Schletti & Marrianne - Switzerland
The responsibility of Doctors, Therapists and all staff and the securities made this stay very profitable for my health. Very very good food and always different.The visit of Rajah Beach and Rajah Island was very interesting Antonetti Felie - France
The place is just great and beautiful have to come back K .D. Madan
Very good, nice staff. The treatments were very relaxing and comfortable. Different from the food I usually eat, well cooked and nicely served. Thank you for the delicious cake on my birthday! And for the flowers. Lilian Stromberg - Sweden
Restaurant very good , treatments very good. Food is very much much better than last year more variety & better taste ,better spiced. Karin Ursula
Good, very good service
Hygienic & dietic Food. Jai - Ghana
Very good Services , Excellent food. Kandankavil Manuel Roy - India
Fantastic service from all of you to all of us.
good Food. Mr. Rehman - Saudi Arabia
Service are Excellent with great human values & touch and Excellent food A.K Sinha - Delhi
Service :- Very good services and food , Enjoyed very much the yoga very satisfied with all the treatments. Lena Christensen - Sweden
very good Services ,polite ,helpful ,caring. A nice changing diet for losing weight. Renate Zilni
Very good services .Hospitable & well trained and Excellent Food. Sudeep - Chennai
Excellent Services and food. Keep up the wonderful work you all do. Jessie Radha Bells - U.S.A
very good services , everything is coming to you anywhere you are very good organized .Good cleaning room service. food was very good always enough a great variety. Great doctors & very good managed we are looking forward to come back again . Mrs. Brigitte - Germany
Treatments were excellent. Lady Doctor was very responsive to changes as they occurred. Felt all the therapists were caring and efficient. Good food & staff responded to requests. Mary Cleaveland - USA
A great service. Staffs are so kind and attentive . Food is best much appreciate your menu and the service . Every smiling faces. I enjoyed the yoga sessions a lot . Sathya Moorthi - India
Service : 150% tiptop
Food : 150%
Please stay as you are lots of love. Simone - Italy
Perfect services !!- really nice persons /staff at Rajah Beach.
Perfect food !!-We would like to come back. Ms. Linda - Australia
Very good Services. Everyone are so pleasant quick and relaxed in the same time.
Food Also Good! My Favorite are the breakfast and food with colour! I Asked for that after some days with "Brown" Food. I like different tastes so much. Thank you all of you are fantastic. Mrs. Eva - Austria
Great Services, great Food, keep up the excellent work. Mr. Azim - UK
Friendly service ,every day professional at anytime ,perfect + harmonic team !. Excellent ,interesting taste + good quality food. Dagmar Demuth - Germany
Very good services indeed, I love the yoga sessions. Excellent yoga teacher. very good treatment. You are all so nice and kind, taking good care of me. You have all done a good job. Mrs. Brigitta - Switzerland
I have nothing to complain .I really enjoyed staying here will come back . Mr. Gregor Schubert - Netherland
Service : Very good Service. I like the food and I will come back with friends. Elke Gergs - Germany
Excellent Services, Got used to veg.meal.
Over all I was impressed with the staff members professionalism. The way the Doctors of Rajah Healthy Acres cared made me feel very special. Thank you for the lovely treatment. Sumi Ignatius - Canada
Housekeepers very very nice , all the staff very friendly. Treatment girls are very nice always smiling & sweet. delicious food & fruit juices. will keep a good memory from Rajah Island (except from the taste of the medicine) Anne / Aline borloz
very friendly , very good staff, delicious food!! Thanks you ,care & concern have made me feel humble.I was blessed to stay here & what I learned will remain will me forever. namastay!! Amanda
Excellent service .The staff is very coordinate + efficient .Asset to organization. very good food. Everything is perfect. Radha Krishan
Excellent Services . Thanks you very much for celebrating Christmas !very kind of you !!
Excellent food . the girls at treatment are fantastic ,very nice and good at what they are doing .Much credit to them. Good to talk to the doctors every day & they listen. Marina
Excellent staff!!- and how they work together. Very good yoga lessons.
Good food ,especially the banana leaf lunch !!. Jasmin Klosssek - Germany
Very good service ,people are efficient and very kind & helpful. very good food every day Laurence Wagner - Paris
Absolutely friendly + helpful service , treatment also yoga teacher. good food , very healthy !! Everything is perfect. Sabine Klein - Germany